Nadia Hauri (born 1989 in Aarau, Switzerland) lives and works in Zurich, Switzerland. Her practice focuses on sculpture. The human body, the poetry of materials and trauma form the basis of Hauri’s practice. Her artworks are distinguishable by the use of different materials like steel, twine and crystals, copper and concrete, latex, bronze. The sculptures aspire to act as socio-psychological catalysts. Nadia Hauri mainly deals with four topics that unfold throughout her larger artistic practice: desire, equilibrium, healing and protection. She aims for her sculptures to generate a resonating space in which the viewer is exposed to these topics through the materials and their vibrations.

01.2024–06.2024 Residence Berlin, Aargauer Kuratorium

2021–2023 Master Fine Arts, Zurich University of the Art 
2016–2019 Bachelor Fine Arts (with distinction),
              Zurich University of the Arts
2007–2011 Specialist training pharmaceutical assistant

01/2020 Sothu, Zurich, Categories of Desire

11/2022 Silent Green, Berlin, Unguarded
11/2022 Toxi Space, Zurich, Tangible Dreaming, Nadia Hauri and Una Szeemann
05/2022 Galleria Daniele Agostini, Lugano, Unhomely
09/2022 Haus Konstruktiv, Zurich, Werkschau 2022
09/2021 Messe Basel, Basel, Swiss Art Awards 2021
11/2020 Kunsthaus Aargau, Aarau, Auswahl 20
09/2020 Toxi Space, Zurich
10/2019 Zentrum Paul Klee, Bern, Art Contest
06/2019 Zurich University of the Arts,
          Diploma exhibition BA
02/2019 Kein Museum, Zurich, Exhibit-a-thon
12/2017 Zurich University of the Arts, It‘s about life

2024    Studio grant Berlin, Aargauer Kuratorium
2021     Finalist Swiss Art Awards
2019     Studio Program Migros Herdern
2019     Zurich University of the Arts Bachelor Award

2022    Art collection Kanton Zurich

2023     PW Magazin
2022     Horizonte Magazin, Bauhausuniversity Weimar
2022, Kunstbulletin
2020    Zero Ego Show, Toxi Space, Zurich


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